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About Patients For Fair Compensation

Patients for Fair Compensation is a nonpartisan Section 501(c)(4) organization dedicated to educating and engaging citizens and policymakers on the negative impact on patient care due to defensive medicine - the practice of ordering medical tests, procedures or consultations of doubtful clinical value in order to protect the prescribing physician from malpractice lawsuits.

Our Mission

Patients for Fair Compensation is proposing a Patients' Compensation System to replace our broken malpractice litigation system and eliminate up to $650 billion per year of medically unnecessary medical costs.

It is modeled after the Workers' Compensation System and assures real access to real justice for all injured patients.  Our goals include the following:

Lower health care costs by reducing the incidence of unnecessary tests and procedures ordered by health care providers to protect themselves from potential lawsuits. This form of "defensive medicine" is estimated to cost the U.S. health care system as much as $650 billion a year.

Eliminate the practice of defensive medicine and the incentive for physicians to order unnecessary tests and procedures to prevent malpractice lawsuits by eliminating both the personal financial liability of physicians and the litigation process.

Improve quality of patient medical care by establishing a system that puts patients at the forefront of the process and realigns incentives towards patient safety and a reduction in medical errors, while assuring all patient complaints are heard, quickly resolved, and more patients are fairly compensated.

The Patients' Compensation System begins with patient advocates, who guide patients through the system to ensure all questions and concerns are addressed.  The proposed process works as follows:


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