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Patients for Fair Compensation Launches Healthy Georgia Campaign

Atlanta, GA (June 28, 2013) -- Patients for Fair Compensation (PFC) is launching a new initiative aimed at educating doctors, healthcare professionals and policy makers about the problems of our dysfunctional medical tort liability system in Georgia.

Called the "Healthy Georgia" campaign, PFC will highlight how the current medical litigation system is driving up overall healthcare costs, impedes patient safety efforts, and reduces access to effective health justice. Additionally, since physicians fear medical malpractice lawsuits, they order unnecessary and expensive medical tests and diagnostic procedures which have little or no clinical value for the patient.

"We know that an overwhelming number of Georgia physicians practice defensive medicine," said Wayne Oliver, executive director of Patients for Fair Compensation. "In Georgia alone, the practice of defensive medicine costs up to $14 billion annually."

The "Healthy Georgia" campaign will feature compelling examples of how a new no-blame, administrative model called the Patients' Compensation System will save lives and money for all Georgians. The campaign will launch on July 1, 2013.