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BioScience Valuation is a specialized company engaged in healthcare economic and financial modeling. These are national findings on the cost...
February 16, 2017
Read Michael Caputo's article on a new study conducted by Joanna Shepherd-Bailey about job growth due to healthcare premium savings.
January 08, 2014
The medical tort reform issue in Georgia has turned into a dispute between two former attorneys general. Thurbert Baker, who served in th...
October 22, 2013
A poll released this week shows strong support among Georgia voters for legislation overhauling the state's medical tort system. But a gr...
September 26, 2013
A new statewide poll by McLaughlin & Associates shows by a 3-to-1 majority, registered voters in Georgia favor replacing the current medical...
September 23, 2013
After failing to make headway this year, supporters of overhauling Georgia's medical tort system are promising a serious push for the bill i...
August 30, 2013
Legislation that would replace Georgia's medical malpractice system with a workers' compensation-type board is gearing back up in the state ...
August 28, 2013
June 28, 2013
The recent article, "Defensive Medicine: Legally Necessary but Ethically Wrong?," published on JAMAInternalMed.com looks at the reasons phys...
May 20, 2013
Read Wayne W. Oliver's article in the Central Savannah River Area M.D. Journal (May/June 2013 issue). The Executive Director for Patients fo...
May 01, 2013
One of the worst features of the American health care system is the sorry state of medical malpractice law. Fewer than 2 percent of injured ...
April 19, 2013
Read the March 20, 2013 Wall Street Journal article by Wayne W. Oliver, Executive Director for Patients for Fair Compensation. In it, he ex...
March 20, 2013
March 19, 2013
March 12, 2013
March 05, 2013
February 26, 2013
February 25, 2013
February 08, 2013
Wayne W. Oliver joins Patients for Fair Compensation as its first Executive Director.
February 04, 2013
November 21, 2012
November 20, 2012
October 11, 2012
September 22, 2012
September 21, 2012
September 20, 2012
September 05, 2012
August 30, 2012
August 27, 2012
August 13, 2012
August 10, 2012
Replacing the American medical liability system with a no-fault, Patients’ Compensation System would create at least $2.6 trillion in saving...
July 24, 2012
July 12, 2012
July 09, 2012
April 09, 2012
March 03, 2012
January 17, 2012
January 17, 2012
January 8, 2012 4:24 PM Legislation has been introduced to create a "Patient's Compensation System" to handle medical malpractice claims ...
January 08, 2012
Published On: Jan 06 2012 01:53:27 PM EST By now, it's a familiar scene: As Florida lawmakers deal with a budget shortfall, hospitals, n...
January 06, 2012
Patients for Fair Compensation, a new not-for-profit advocacy group, today announced that John Goodman, president and founder of the Nationa...
January 05, 2012
One in three dollars spent on health care in Florida currently pays for unnecessary tests and treatments that physicians order to keep from ...
January 04, 2012
December 03, 2011
5:02 am December 1, 2011, by Kyle Wingfield It’s been 20 months since the Georgia Supreme Court threw out a key plank of the state’s 2005...
December 01, 2011
November 28, 2011
November 25, 2011
ALPHARETTA, Ga., Nov. 22, 2011 -- Patients for Fair Compensation a new not-for-profit advocacy group, has launched a campaign to educate cit...
November 22, 2011
Tallahassee, Nov. 16, 2011—The James Madison Institute today released a study in partnership with Patients for Fair Compensation. Titled “Al...
November 16, 2011
Patients' Compensation System At-A-Glance is a more visual representation of the Patients' Compensation System that is available for downloa...
September 29, 2011
TALLAHASSEE – The James Madison Institute today released polling data in partnership with Patients for Fair Compensation showing 66% to 68% ...
September 16, 2011
ATLANTA – About two-thirds of Georgians believe that doctors often order unnecessary tests just to keep from getting sued, according to a su...
September 15, 2011
Washington Post By Rob Stein 8/30/11 The United States should create a system to compensate people who are harmed by participating in scient...
August 30, 2011
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - When it comes to pursuing federal largess, most of the states that oppose the 2010 health care law have refused to let e...
August 17, 2011
STANFORD, Calif.-(BUSINESS WIRE)-It's not hard to find critics of the medical malpractice system in the United States. There is widespread a...
August 16, 2011