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John Goodman Joins Patients For Fair Compensation National Advisory Board

President and Founder of Dallas, Texas-Based National Center for Policy Analysis BringsSubstantial Healthcare Policy Experience


(December 5, 2011) - Patients for Fair Compensation, a new not-for-profit advocacy group, today announced that John Goodman, president and founder of the National Center for Policy Analysis, a free-market think tank located in Dallas, Texas and Washington, DC has joined thePatients for Fair Compensation national advisory board. Goodman will help educate the public about the true costs of defensive medicine - the practice of ordering medical tests, procedures, or consultations of doubtful clinical value in order to protect the prescribing physician from malpractice suits.

John Goodman's Health Policy Blog is a premier resource where free enterprise, private sector solutions to healthcare problems are routinely examined and debated by top health policy experts across the ideological spectrum.

"We are truly honored that John Goodman has joined Patients for Fair Compensation in our effort to improve patient safety and end the practice of defensive medicine.  John is a leading expert in the healthcare arena and his ideas have had real impact in healthcare debates for over two decades," saidPatients for Fair CompensationChairman Richard L. Jackson.

Goodman regularly appears on FOX News Channel, CNN, FOX Business Networkand CNBCand contributes columns to The Wall Street Journal, Health Affairs, Townhall, Kaiser Health News and other national publications and scholarly journals. He also frequently testifies before Congress on healthcare reform and retirement topics and is the author of more than 50 published studies and nine books.

"I am eager to joinPatients for Fair Compensationin their effort to educate citizens and policymakers creating a no-fault system to improve patient safety" said Goodman.

Patients for Fair Compensationwas founded to educate and propose policy solutions that eliminate the incentives to practice defensive medicine.  Replacing the current medical liability system with a Patients' Compensation System (PCS), modeled after the Workers' Compensation System, assures all patient complaints are heard, quickly resolved, and more patients are fairly compensated. The PCS better aligns the interests of patients, doctors and taxpayers to stop the practice of defensive medicine and ensure real access to justice.