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Patients for Fair Compensation Takes On the Problem of Defensive Medicine

Proposes Patients' Compensation System to Improve Care Quality and Drive Down Estimated $650 Billion in Annual Healthcare Costs

 ALPHARETTA, Ga., Nov. 22, 2011 -- Patients for Fair Compensation a new not-for-profit advocacy group, has launched a campaign to educate citizens and policymakers about the negative impact on patient care due to defensive medicine - the practice of ordering medical tests, procedures, or consultations of doubtful clinical value in order to protect the prescribing physician from malpractice suits.

"The medical liability system in most states forces the practice of defensive medicine. It causes unnecessary tension between patient and physician while denying patients access to the medical liability system. Fewer than twenty percent of legitimate medical injury cases receive compensation in the current system. Patients not only undergo too many unnecessary tests and procedures, but they also are often denied care as a result of physicians' fear of being sued. In the current system, where doctors cannot admit mistakes, patients have a diminished quality of care and increased costs," said Patients for Fair Compensation Chairman Richard L. Jackson.

Patients for Fair Compensation was founded to educate and propose policy solutions that eliminate the incentives to practice defensive medicine. By replacing the current medical liability system with one modeled after workers' compensation system, we can better align the interests of patients, doctors and taxpayers to stop the practice of defensive medicine and ensure real access to justice. The no fault Patients' Compensation System (PCS) assures all patient complaints are heard, quickly resolved, and more patients are fairly compensated.

Patients for Fair Compensation founding national board members are:

  • Richard L. Jackson, Chairman. In addition to his new role with Patients for Fair Compensation, Jackson serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Jackson Healthcare which provides hospitals with physicians, clinicians and allied health professionals to ensure the delivery of timely, high-quality patient care. For the past 34 years, Jackson has been instrumental in conceptualizing and developing more than 25 healthcare companies. His ownership and operation of staffing companies, surgery centers, practice management companies, clinics and hospitals have endowed him with the depth and breadth required to thrive in the ever-changing healthcare environment. Jackson Healthcare is the 4th largest healthcare staffing company in the United States.
  • Charles R. Evans, Vice-Chairman.  Mr. Evans also serves as President of the International Health Services Group (IHSG), a non-profit organization that provides health services to underserved areas of the world. He is a Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives and served in Chairman positions from 2009-2011 and serves as a senior advisory to Jackson Healthcare.  Previously, Mr. Evan served as President of the eastern group for HCA Inc.
  • Dr. Jeffrey Segal. Dr. Segal is a board certified neurosurgeon and the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Medical Justice, a physician based organization focused on broad-based solutions for challenges affecting the U.S. healthcare system. Dr. Segal is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and the American College of Legal Medicine. He previously was CEO of the biotech company DarPharma Inc.

"Patients for Fair Compensation believes a no fault Patient Compensation System would create a fairer, more patient-centric system, which would increase quality of care and innovation, while driving down the skyrocketing costs of defensive medicine. It's time for a new compensation system in order to better focus on the quality and safety of patient care and end the practice of defensive medicine," concluded Jackson.